Engineering, Maintenance And Inspection Services

AHAVA Energy Services Limited provides our clients with an all-inclusive array of engineering maintenance which encompasses Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. We have a dedicated professional support system which assures our clients on deliverables enabling then to focus on more direct business needs. At AESL we have established ourselves as a caring company providing solutions through services superior to that of our competitors.

AESL also provides high-quality inspection, monitoring, safety awareness and management services for our clients in the Oil, Gas and Energy Sectors. We partner with our clients to achieve safety, compliance, quality, and cost-effectiveness of projects irrespective of the size or volume. Our experienced inspectors, knowledgeable in multiple disciplines, industry codes and Standards can be involved at every stage of a project or single phase as directed by the client.

Inspectors are available for:

  • NDT survey
  • Pipe/Coating Mill
  • Automation/Control
  • Transmission/Distribution of Pipeline
  • Compressor/ Pump Stations
  • Fibre Optic
  • Facility Inspection
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Safety Inspection
  • Storage Terminal
  • Plant Construction
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Marine Contractor Inspection
  • Offshore Platform lifting Inspection


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